Theoretical and Practical Approach to Performing International Work in Conscientiology through the Establishment and Sustenance of Conscientiological Roots

Ana Paula Lage


International work in conscientiology garners interest as the science expands internationally and more volunteers are engaged in reurbanization efforts or interassistantialtasks beyond their intraphysical hometown. The concepts presented in this paper originated from the authors’ shared experiences of performing international work with conscientiology in various countries. The authors collectively discovered, albeit throughpersonal experimentation, that conveying the concept of conscientiology in anotherlanguage while adjusting to the holothosene of the locale presented an opportunity todevelop new ways of transmitting neoideas. At the same time, the singularity of eachcountry’s holothosene introduced evolutionary challenges that evidenced the importance of establishing and maintaining conscientiological roots. The objective of this paperis to examine the theory of conscientiological roots and its role in a consciousness’evolution and self-research - predominantly in terms of international conscientiologicalwork, and to propose various techniques that help sustain and maintain sound conscientiological roots.The methods used were to develop the theory by establishing an interparadigmatic correlation of the concept of conscientiological roots, then to exploreits application, and finally to relate a case study of tools used; all culminating in a practical approach to international experiences rooted in conscientiological ideas.

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