Nuclear Family Groupkarmic Theoretical Scheme

Frederico de Arruda Falcão


This article proposes a nuclear family groupkarmic theoreticalscheme based on an ego defensive mechanism psychological concept,the projection. The article initially introducts the theme context, definesthe objective and clarifies its relevance. The methodology is described,consisting on the author ́s extensive life experience on the subject suchas, readings, conscientiological courses, conscienciotherapy, conventional therapy, family and group observations, planed experiments, writings and publications. Then, the article presents the literature review pertinent to the discussion and elaborates the arguments explaining andsupporting the proposed nuclear family groupkarmic theoretical scheme.Finally, it concludes suggesting the intermissivist to give the proper importance to the nuclear family not only as a proexis starting point, butalso as an environment to identify the recycling priorities, the megalocks. Thereby, he or she could take an evolutionary leap, increase theself-wellbeing and gain moral authority to assist the family and beyond.Aiming at helping the intermissivist on this journey, there is an illustrative schematic indicating the traps to be avoided along the way.

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