Criteria for Conscientiological Translations into English

Eliane Bianchi Wojslaw


Translating the terminology of conscientiology is quite challenging as it presentsa great deal of neological terms and ideas. This article is an attempt to register somebasic useful good practices and criteria for translating conscientiological terms andtexts. Its main objective is to be a tool for helping translators of conscientiology tobring more consistency to the terminology translated into English, avoiding variations.This theme is important for the current expansion of this science, to reach new intermissivists and English speakers worldwide. The methodology used was qualitative research; instruments for data collection were bibliographical research and the observations of the authoress as a participating volunteer at ICNEO-UNICIN who has beenhelping in translation projects since 2012. The results showed how important it is tomake efforts to reach a consensus envisaging harmonization of the translated terminology of this science, and also to register the best practices to achieve this goal.

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