Beginning of Penta in the German Holothosene and its Immediate Effects

Regina Tschud


This article is a personal account on the author`s experience of the beginning of penta (personal energetic task). During the very first penta session the penta practitioner had perceptions on the assistential effects of her future penta work in Germany. The author describes the increased self-awareness regarding her extraphysical origin, the feeling of maxifraternity and the immediate effects of the first penta session. The author also sets up the hypothesis of interconnection of the penta works of the practitioners participating in a common group existential program for the reurbanization of the german holothosene, one of the most pathological on this planet. During this article she will explain that this holothosene spread all over the planet: Nazism. We can see it nowadays in a lot of countries. Therefore this holothosene could not be identified in geographical or national terms.

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